Sunday, September 20, 2009

Closet Land

If you've found this page, it is probably because you have seen (and hopefully liked!) my 1991 film, CLOSET LAND.  If the film has currency today, it is because of viewers like you.  You have kept my film alive.  You had the ingenuity to put it up on YouTube.  You have engaged in chats and discussions about it.  So the fact that the film is alive, and its influence is growing, is very much a testimony to what you can do.  More power to you!

I have always been a private person, and one of my earliest beliefs has been that one's work speaks for oneself, and one need do no further than do the work itself.  However, my journey with CLOSET LAND and the years that followed the film's release have brought home to me, in ways too numerous to be counted, that my belief was erroneous.  I wrote in CLOSET LAND that "children make easy victims."  I would now add that those who wish to remain anonymous and recede into the background (like myself), make for even easier sitting ducks!  Something that happened very recently was a potent wake-up call to shake free of that belief and to reach out--like with this blog.  More on my painful but necessary lesson in the coming weeks.  

Here are my updates:  I hope to be able to upload both CLOSET LAND and my cut of my second film, BASIL, on my website in the next month or so.  Stay tuned.

I currently have three feature projects in the works, as well as a TV series I'm developing.  Plus I am 2/3 into my novel--a Victorian gothic piece with which I am hugely pleased. 

I look forward to building a community with you!

With my gratitude and good wishes,

Radha Bharadwaj


エメラルド ベーレーンス said...

I have seen your movie, 'Closet Land' and hope to see your other film 'Basil' soon, in it's proper version.

cassbtt said...

A lot of us would be interested to know how the two leads were arrived at, who both did a splendid job by the way. Any interesting stories to tell about that, or from the set/shoot?