Thursday, April 8, 2010


I get a lot of queries from people who like my film, and I empathize with your frustration at not being able to readily find my film in digital format.  Unfortunately, I don't own the rights to my own film--when a writer-director such as myself makes a film, we sell the rights to our script and creation to the producing or distribution entity.   I am therefore not sure which entity now owns the digital distribution rights to my film--that entity is the one who can get it out on DVD.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to thanks you for your film. And, I understand it's a impudence, but I'd like to ask you to say where I could find (to read) your play/screenplay of this film? Movie has its own laws you know it better than anyone else. I'd like to read it to compare with film. I hope my request is not too impudent. Please answer me on Thanks before.

Closet Land A Film By Radha Bharadwaj said...

Thank you, Olga. You can write to Tim Powell or Ben Rand at re: getting a copy of CLOSET LAND.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! You know, I wrote a short story "Closet Land. After final titles". And I want to ask you about one thing. If I'd like to publish my story it won't somehow disturb your copyright?

Closet Land A Film By Radha Bharadwaj said...

Thank you, Olga, and apologies for the delay in replying.

I would say you can go ahead with your story, as long as you also publish your acknowledgement accompanying your story that the film CLOSET LAND inspired your story.

The trouble starts when people are inspired by or borrow from a work, without acknowledging the original work.